We forward
100% of donations to
the projects.
Our projects
break free of
aid dependency.

About us

We aim to provide humanitarian aid that is effective and sustainable. We carefully select our aid projects, applying strict criteria, and then support them with your donations, which we forward in full.

All projects have to be local, nongovernmental, and nonprofit. Further criteria for project eligibility include transparency, urgency, and sustainability. More details can be found in our FAQ.

Donors can make direct donations to any project or offer their assistance in a variety of other ways such as volunteer work or sponsorship. At a (prospective) donors or supporters behest, Your Siblings will initiate personal contact with the on-site project manager. Moreover, every project can be visited at any time.

On this website, we maintain detailed expositions of each of our projects, including pictures and videos, and allow every visitor to render donations.

We provide effective support for those most vulnerable and in need and offer individuals around the world the opportunity to make a difference.

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