We forward
100% of donations to
the projects.
Our projects
break free of
aid dependency.


Why do we do it?

It simply feels so right.

How is it possible that 100% of my donation gets to the projects?

Because we retain nothing from your donation, absolutely nothing. We pay our administration costs privately and even the transaction fees are covered by us. You are welcome to view our accounting data—of course in accordance with the data privacy law.

And why do you do it that way?

Each donor is a human being with their own values and morality. If a part of the donation is used for administrative costs, as it is often the case, one person might think that the office of Your Siblings furnished much too luxuriously, while someone else might think that the organization is not paying its employees enough. Thus, an aid organization could never please everyone. But if the organization is in no way dependent on the donations and doesn’t keep a cent of that money, the donors don’t have to read through a swath of documents to investigate whether their donation was handled properly. They just know it. 100% of their good intentions reach fruition.

How well does Your Siblings know the projects and the project managers?

The projects were all personally visited, some several times even. We are in constant contact via email and telephone. Each project can be visited at any time.

How does Your Siblings ascertain that the donations are used exactly the way they are supposed to?

The system is as simple as effective, and a small example will serve to illustrate it: A clinic is to be built. First, land has to be bought. We have to raise the complete amount of money for it, for you can’t build a clinic on just half its area. Once the money is transfered, the project has to keep a certain deadline by which the project manager has to have sent in evidence. In this case, evidence would be the purchase contract as well as videos and pictures. If the evidence is transparent and adequate, we can render the payment for the next need. As long as there is no evidence, there’s no further payment. Also, our criteria include that every project can be visited at any time.

Which criteria does every project have to meet?

Sustainability: Each project has to be set up in such a way that its first objective is financial self-sufficiency. Each project has to have developed a plan that ensures that after the one-time support through Your Siblings, the project can finance itself.

Transparency: Each project has agreed to be open for visitors at any time. Everyone is welcome to inspect the project on site (but of course always in a way that doesn’t require extra efforts from the project). Furthermore, the project is required to keep a Your Siblings file containing the accounting data of the projects funded by Your Siblings.

Nonprofit and nongovernmental: We only support nonprofit projects. We only support NGOs.

Local roots: We only support projects that were founded by locals and are at any time managed by locals.

Need and urgency: Your Siblings only supports projects in developing countries. Goal of the project has to be the support, security, or rescue of people in need—such as diseased, poor, or suppressed people or children. The main beneficiaries of the project have to be thus disadvantaged.

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