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Effective Altruism Berlin Meetup #3

Our third Effective Altruism Berlin meetup is about to happen!

Place: VEBU, 4th floor (counting EG as 0th floor), Genthiner Str. 48, 10785 Berlin

Time: Sunday, May 24, 2015, 2 p.m. local time

Please stop by if you would like to chat about EA or if you have any questions. We now have a bit of a loose agenda that we determine by voting on Trello. I can give you access at the meetup.
Apart from our meetup, there is also the effective altruism talk of the Swiss GBS that takes place in rooms of the Humboldt Universität in Berlin-Adlershof.

Place: Room 005, Walter Nernst-Haus, Newtonstraße 14, 12489 Berlin

Time: Thursday, May 21, 2015, 5–7 p.m. local time

We’re looking forward to seeing you there too!

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Effective Altruism Berlin Meetup #2

I’m organizing a meetup for effective altruism in Berlin, and Sebastian of VEBU kindly provides the meeting room for it.

Place: VEBU, 4th floor (counting EG as 0th floor), Genthiner Str. 48, 10785 Berlin

Time: Sunday, April 19, 2015, 2 p.m. local time

If you have any questions about effective altruism that you would like to see discussed or even answered, or if you seek to network within the community to optimize our human resource usage, or if you just want to hang with some swell folks, then you’re invited to join us! Feel free to bring some veggie snacks if you like.

Please comment or send me an email to telofy at yoursiblings dot org if you want to attend, so I can keep you briefed of any changes.

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Brony Fair 2015

The Brony Fair convention, April 11–12, 2015, in Berlin, Germany, sponsored a vendor’s booth for us, Bronies for Good. Sara Nowak and I ran the booth and also distributed effective altruism leaflets around the venue. I will estimate their conversion rates in about a week.

At the booth, we accepted donations for the Against Malaria Foundation and gave out buttons, pins, artwork, and copies of the Bound Together comic anthology as thank yous. The performance was as follows:

  • 25 copies of Bound Together given out
  • 2 Bound Together preorders served
  • 11 metal pins given out
  • about 3 postcards given out
  • 12 newsletter subscribers gained

We did not keep track of the number of buttons given out.

The donation performance was as follows:

Table Saturday €755
Table Sunday €312
Remainder €0.57
Total €1,067.57

We did not count the coins smaller than €1 on the first day (hence the “remainder”), and on the second day only counted the overall total, so that we calculated the subtotal for the day from the overall total.

All donations have been forwarded to the Against Malaria Foundation. They amount to 377 nets.

The 157 Bronies for Good flyers we handed out ...

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Bound Together Comic Art Anthology Bound for Presses

Bound Together

Good news to those who love art, comics, and helpfulness—Bound Together is off to the presses and will be in your hands in a few short weeks.

Bound Together is our original charity comic and art anthology, enjoyable for readers of all ages. Top quality artists in the fandom collaborated on this high-quality, full-color, and professionally printed book featuring 52 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces: KefkaFloyd (project director), Adlynh, Bakertoons, Centchi, Emberwisp, fxcellent, Jowybean, Leekfish, Muffinshire, Pasteur, Ponywise, Sofas And Quills, Spectralunicorn, Starry Night, and Steve Holt! While PixelKitties had to withdraw due to scheduling conflicts, she sends her earnest support for the project and we brought on additional artists like Emberwisp, Centchi, and fxcellent to help make the book even better.

Some artists have already posted samples of their contributions, which you can see here. That’s just a taste, as you can only see all of the comics and artwork by donating for the book.

True to its theme of teamwork and togetherness, all buyers are also collaborators on our joint effort to combat malaria. The revenue generated by Bound Together goes towards the Against Malaria Foundation’s outstanding prevention program. Each copy ...

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In-Kind Donations for GalaCon 2015 Charity Auction

GalaCon and Bronies for Good

We’ve become such a huge community, bustling with generosity! But what is even more important is that we know that our generosity cannot be an end in itself. Generosity is only as good as the good it does for those we help.

And we can help tremendously if we do it right. It is big-hearted and bold to treat strangers like friends—it is also necessary. The millions of people in extreme poverty and at risk of malaria are strangers to most of us, but they are the people who need our help most and they are also the people we can help most effectively. Let us prove to them that this world is not too big and never cold!

The Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) has been making distance irrelevant for over a decade. With mere monetary donations, people from around the world can save the lives of those who would otherwise have succumbed to malaria. And because AMF is one of the most effective charities in the world, even small donations—$3 for a mosquito net—have a great impact. That is why we have dedicated Seeds of Kindness to fundraising for AMF.

This year GalaCon will dedicate ...

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Seeds of Kindness Newsletter #6

Great thanks to all of you who have set up monthly donations for Seeds of Kindness! You are helping to bring forth great change, and allowing the Against Malaria Foundation to plan its future budget.

If you would like to set up monthly donations too, please do so through our fund-raiser:


A lot has happened within the effective altruism movement recently:

  1. Our Bound Together comic anthology is rapidly taking shape, and some artists have independently published WIPs and previews. Check out their portfolios in our original announcement. Preorders are still open.
  2. Peter Hurford’s great fundraising tips offer advice if you’d like to contribute to Seeds of Kindness but don’t have the financial means to make substantial donations yourself. Good luck with your event!
  3. The “2015 Gates Annual Letter” has been published. It addresses important topics such as opportunities for health and financial security for the poorest in the next fifteen years. The letter calls for “informed, passionate individuals working together to form effective movements for change. People who care about helping those in the world’s poorest places improve their lives. We call them global citizens.” That’s you!
  4. Six new studies show the ...

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Bound Together: The Comic and Art Anthology for Charity

Bound Together

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of Bound Together, an original charity comic and art anthology. Bringing together a team of some of the best artists in the fandom, this high-quality, full color and professionally printed book will feature up to 64 pages of pony comic stories and individual art pieces that will inspire and delight. Based around the themes of teamwork and togetherness and in the spirit of our favorite pony show, it will be thoroughly enjoyable to readers of all ages. All profits will go towards the Against Malaria Foundation's outstanding prevention program.

The artists who are making this binding spell possible are: Kefkafloyd (project director), Adlynh, Bakertoons, Jowybean, Leekfish, Muffinshire, Pixelkitties, Ponywise, Sofas And Quills, Spectralunicorn, Starry Night, and Steve Holt!

How Can I Get It?

The book is primarily intended for the convention scene and will be available at most major American and European MLP conventions, debuting at BABSCon on April 3, 2015.

However, for people who cannot attend conventions and in order to help us cover the costs of printing the books, we will also ship a limited amount of books to people who preorder. The special preorder price is $25 plus ...

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2015: Seeds of Kindness Year Against Malaria

Welcome to 2015, the year of our charity album Shine Together and our Seeds of Kindness program for the Against Malaria Foundation!

Donate to Seeds of Kindness


No teleportation needed. Since the launch of our fund-raiser in late December, we’ve received donations from smart and empathetic folks in Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the US, the UK, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Russia, Brazil, Poland, Italy, Spain, New Zealand, Sweden, Australia, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Switzerland, and more—donations from all over the globe! Many thanks to all of you!

Distances are no hurdle anymore for us band together to do good in the world. Thus it’s all the more important today to make sure that we care about the struggles of people in far-off countries as much as we care about the people in our street.

In fact, there are great opportunities for us to help people in some of these countries, opportunities that, luckily, do not exist in Europe or in the US. Malaria is extremely easy to prevent. A mosquito net for just $3 greatly diminishes the risk for a person to contract malaria. Distributing just a few hundred of these nets will save ...

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Seeds of Kindness: A Princess Carol Charity Album

Hearth’s Warming Eve

Buck tradition! Well, apart from the tradition that every year at Christmas it is time to release another piece of the A Princess Carol project—all for one of only four top effective charities of the world: the Against Malaria Foundation.

After the release of “What Land is This” by MEMJ0123, Scraticus, and Luxumbra in 2012, and the release of the full A Princess Carol audio play in 2013, we are now honored to be allowed to announce to the fandom that the album of all carols from the audio play (including alternative versions) is about to be released!

Release of A Princess Carol Charity Album
Thursday, December 25, 2014, at 2 p.m. EST (7 p.m. UTC)
on sok.yoursiblings.org

If you read this before the release, then feel free to donate now and download the album right away as it becomes available!

This album will be released as an extra thank you to our donors on top of the Seeds of Kindness charity album Shine Together, which we released just a few days ago. Your donation will make you eligible for both of these terpsichorean marvels as well as all our past charity albums!

A Princess ...

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Last Reminder: Shine Together Album Premiere with Donation Matching

A new fund-raising initiative is about to launch: Seeds of Kindness: Shine Together! Like our previous iterations of Seeds of Kindness, this fourth one is going to reach out through multiple conventions, pony fandom livestreams, giveaways, and other spectacular events all throughout 2015. This year, we are pleased to kick off this fund-raiser for the Against Malaria Foundation with our fifth charity album: Shine Together.

Shine Together Release Party
Saturday, December 20, 2014, at 6 p.m. EST (11 p.m. UTC)
on events.yoursiblings.org

The album drops on December 20, and we are having a livestream party hosted by Ponyville FM to celebrate! For the limited time of the stream, an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations up to $1,000, so tune in and donate, and it’ll count double!

The album. Shine Together is the culmination of months of effort on the part of many dedicated fandom musicians. Featuring twenty-two tracks of folk, rock, orchestral, and electronic jams recorded by charity album veterans and new blood alike, Shine Together offers over an hour of uplifting tunes.

We’re offering up this and our previous four albums for any donation at all that you feel ...

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