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BfG: Charity Chitchat with Natasha Levinger and Amy Keating Rogers

Whatcha doin’?

Maybe rewatching “Pinkie Apple Pie” or “Pinkie Pride”?

Good choice! If you have any questions for the authors of these episodes—Natasha Levinger and Amy Keating Rogers—then tune in

February 22 at 4 p.m. EST (9 p.m. UTC) on events.yoursiblings.org!

Charity Chitchat is an interview livestream that we’ve put together so that you can meet these two esteemed writers while they meet on air as well. You’ll be able to listen to their writers’ lore and even ask questions for them in the chat!

But of course we have ulterior motives: The next phase of our Seeds of Kindness fundraiser will be in support of a Your Siblings project by the nonprofit Child Need Africa who are running the medical clinic in Uganda that we all have helped to fund in 2012. The site of the clinic was chosen because that region of the Rubirizi District is one of several especially impoverished parts of the country and also one with particularly bad access to medical services. There, the nonprofit aims to provide free healthcare to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it.

Over more than half a year ...

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A Support Project for the Clinic

The Clinic

When Your Siblings was founded on September 26, 2010, our founder, Lisa Wiese, had already established our cooperation with the Ugandan nonprofit organization Child Need Africa. We would raise the money for a medical facility right where it was needed most, at the center of a greatly disadvantaged region of Western Uganda. Child Need Africa, founded in 2007, had years of experience serving these communities of peasant families, many living in abject poverty, with medical services but also with education on a personal and a communal level.

Topics of family planning, personal hygiene, nutrition education, HIV prevention and treatment, mother-to-child transmission of the disease, human rights, and much more are part of the educational repertoire that is often required in these desolate regions where many families have to feed their children, seven on average, with no more than the equivalent of US$495 per year. At the same time, immunizations and worm treatments are in high demand.

The clinic would be a center for medical treatments but would also serve as a base for their outreach programs, with which they would bring medicine and knowledge right to the doorstep of those who would otherwise never be able to ...

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Tax Exemption, General Meeting, and Annual Accounts

A few rather bureaucratic events have reached fruition throughout the past months. I’ll summarize them here, but unfortunately the documents themselves are all in German.

  1. The tax office has renewed our status as registered charity. This renewed notice is valid through 2017.
  2. We’ve held our annual general meeting, which again consisted of three parts. First, each of us gave an overview of our activities throughout 2013, then we discussed our plans for 2014, and finally the actions of the board where ratified by unanimous vote. The spoilers regarding our plans for 2014 are minimal, so feel free to read the protocol.
  3. Our tax consultants said that it is uncommon for entities to publish their accounting data but that there are no data privacy concerns since none of the individual donations are listed. Hence, feel equally free to have a look at our annual accounting for 2012.

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BfG: Charity Double Premiere: Dash of Christmas and A Princess Carol


The double premiere of the year is here: All throughout 2013 and longer, Bronystate and Brony Radio have each collaborated with many talented artists, singers, and voice actors on their respective projects, the radio plays Dash of Christmas and A Princess Carol!

Both will premiere in parallel on Sunday, December 22, at 12:30 p.m. EST on the Your Siblings events page, Ponyville Live, and Celestia Radio!

Dash of Christmas

This Sunday, we bring you a touching tale of a mare working her way around work and weather to make a young filly’s Christmas the best one ever. After three months of brutal work comes Dash of Christmas, featuring the voices of PKEmi, Anne Chloe, Mary Medley, Missy Angel and DJ Calcos! Written by Bronystate members Reikm and Sylandest, Art by Reikm and Tesuai, and created by Scoot-Scootaloo!

A Princess Carol

This Sunday, we bring you a pony take on an old Christmas classic with multiple carols, penned by the talented John Perry, inspired by Charles Dickens’ A Princess Carol, and featuring the voices of Hannah as Luna, Memj0123 as Celestia and Spike, Meredith Sims as Twilight, ProjectSNT as Pinkie Pie, Adrienne as Fluttershy, Rev as Coltroy, Deftfunk ...

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BfG: Gaming for Good: A Brony Gaming Livestream Fundraiser

1. Gaming for Good

What do you get when you assemble an eight-hour palette of exciting and potentially rage-inducing video games, prize giveaways, and a fluffy altruistic cause? A splendiferous, pony-infused, video game–themed fundraising event of course!

Bronies for Good, in tandem with intrepid folks from Derpy News and Equestria Daily, as well as Everfree Network’s podcast hosts Emily Jones and Dpad Pony are excited to bring you Gaming for Good! A Brony video games–themed charity fundraising event benefiting the Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraising initiative!

Come join us November 16, noon EST on events.yoursiblings.org with our show hosts, featured guests, and cadre as we delve headlong into your favorite competitive video games! We’ll be playing Team Fortress 2 (competitive hat simulator), DoTA 2, League of Legends, Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition, Skull Girls, Papers Please, and much more!

Play your cards right and generously, and you’ll even be able to jump in on a few rounds as the bullets start flying and frustration keeps mounting, not to mention getting your chance to win steam games, pony swag, and more!

We’ll also be interviewing the development teams from both Legends of ...

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News from Clinic, Orphanage, and Green Village

This has been another successful year, especially for the projects. Another Hope has moved into their new orphanage building, Child Need Africa’s clinic is running and they are treating patients, and Green Life has been able to accepted more children into their care while reuniting others with their families!

The Another Hope Orphanage

Last week, Aisha, the little girl who has been in the care of the Another Hope orphanage since her parents deserted her in 2011, moved into her new orphanage building, the building that you, our donors and supporters, have funded. Now that they have their own building, Another Hope will no longer have to pay rent for her and her scores of friends who are in the care of the orphanage, money that can now go toward school fees.

In the last week before the move the organization applied a few finishing touches to the interior, mostly painting and cleaning, and installed their solar energy system, which provides electricity, for example, for lighting. You can find all the latest photos on the project gallery.

Next, they’ll build another smaller house next to the orphanage, a house that will serve as a guest house where volunteers ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3 Milestone Reached

Do you still have some of the cocktails, coffee, and Kleenex left? Because it’s party time again! In the first days of this month, the Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraiser successfully funded its second project, and now, on the last day of September, we have a new milestone to announce!

The Green Village

Do you like—wait for it—potatoes? Potatoes are pretty rad! (Pun intended.) We all know that Jayson Thiessen has the ability to morph into a flying potato with hat at will, but potatoes also display high levels of awesomeness based on their nutritious value. That is why Green Life has chosen to grow potatoes, along with tomatoes, onions, and other fruit and vegetables, as food for the street children in their care. Another reason is that this kind of produce yields high returns on the local market, so that they can pay all the various running costs of the children’s health care and education.

So far they had to run this agricultural project on a rather small scale, but thanks to your donations they’ll now be able to purchase a bigger field, seeds, and equipment!

The next stage for the Green Village project ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3: Three Tons of Flax, No Wait, Seeds

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

A Beautiful Heart 1080p Final by Ghost-dot-EX

Today, we have three items for your perusal:

  1. A party: Seeds of Kindness 3 has funded the second project.
  2. A question: We want to make a slight adjustment to a Seeds of Kindness 2 beneficiary—but only with your support.
  3. A forum: We want you to join Ponychan’s new /good/ board.

Two Projects Funded

If you’ve already donated to Seeds of Kindness 3, then you’ll need a lot of cocktails, coffee, and Kleenex now, because it’s party time!

Your donations will enable Another Hope to complete the orphanage building, and erect a sizable guest house right next to it. Over fifty children will be able to live in the new orphanage, and the small business next door will endow the nonprofit with a greater degree of financial security, so they can more easily pay the various running expenses for the children.

Now all donations go to the extension of the Green Village. You will remember the project from the first Seeds of Kindness fundraiser. Green Life has since built several houses on the property for living, sleeping, educational activities, and the small-scale agriculture projects they started together with the children ...

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BfG: Welcome to Seeds of Kindness 3

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

We have entered into a new era, the era which—with your help—will furnish the Another Hope orphanage in Uganda with a secure budget for medicine and school fees, and allow the Green Village project for street children in Burundi to expand and endow more children in destitute with new, brighter futures.


This is the address, the portal if you will, to the new zeitgeist.

The Projects

The first of our projects has already been funded thanks to GalaCon! The second project is a guest house that will be built close to the Another Hope orphanage in Uganda so that tourists who visit the region—and they are already in contact with local tourism businesses—will pay for many of the running expenses of the orphanage such as the school fees and medical bills of the children. All the while, they will also save the costs of accommodations for their volunteers. The third and largest project is for Green Life: To extend their agricultural program, which they run for and with the street children in their care, they want to acquire another field and more animals, build a rainwater tank ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3 Album Premiere Party

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

The Release Party

The year 2011 saw the Smile! fundraiser, and 2012 was packed with two Seeds of Kindness fundraisers. Even those of you weren’t at BronyCon or GalaCon to get the inside scoop will have guessed what this means for 2013:

Our Seeds of Kindness 3 release party will be next

Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 4 p.m. EDT

on events.yoursiblings.org!

The release party marks the publishing of the new, exclusive charity album A Beautiful Heart and on top of that the launch of the third Seeds of Kindness fundraiser for two projects of Your Siblings. Moreover, the musician Soldat Pony went beyond donating a track to the A Beautiful Heart and contributed his whole new album Before These Mighty Skies!

Just as with Seeds of Kindness 2, the release party will be a parallel stream of the album premiere on a long list of radio stations, while the musicians and will be in our chat to discuss their music. Many thanks to the radio stations that have joined us to make this event possible.

  1. Alicorn Radio
  2. Brony Radio
  3. Celestia Radio
  4. Everypony Radio
  5. Fillydelphia Radio
  6. Fractured Frequencies
  7. Luna Radio ...

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