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Bronies for Good: Mail from Uganda & EWB Project Funded

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

Thank you

If you have ever donated to Seeds of Kindness or Seeds of Kindness 2 or supported the fundraisers in any other way, this press release addresses you personally. (If not, here is your chance to do so now.)

But before we jump in, are you following @BroniesForGood and @YourSiblings on Twitter yet? If not, please kindly fix that—and then there are also those ShortyAwards going on…

Engineers Without Borders: Water and Sanitation Project Funded

We have reached another milestone! The Engineers Without Borders project that seeks to establish proper fresh water supply for an orphanage and school in Manya, Uganda, and also to improve their sanitary situation has been fully financed thanks to your donations.

As announced previously, the next project aims to raise money for a large number of rainwater harvesting tanks in the Karagwe District in Tanzania.

Rainwater harvesting tank

So please continue your support!

Safe Project: Thank You from the Children in Uganda

So what is that awesome header picture up there? It’s a thank-you gift from the children who will soon be able to move into their new orphanage building, the building you funded! As our donors and supporters of the project, you are the metaphorical siblings in this global family.

You can also find it in the Your Siblings project gallery.

Your Siblings is now fundraising for a guest house on the site. Tourists will pay for their stay and will thereby ensure the financial security of the children in the long term. An additional perk is that the guest house—with capacity for ten people—will also provide free accommodations for volunteers helping in the orphanage.

Charity Album: Wintertime in Canterlot

Again seven musicians—Orchestral_Design, CaptainFluffatun, Kingsley Evergreen, Ian M., Airdrop, BassClef, and SevenUpPony—have combined forces to produce a new charity album in support of the Your Siblings projects: “Holiday Cheer: Wintertime in Canterlot is a compilation of songs about an Equestrian winter, and our respective views on the subject.”

Buying the album is also a great way to support Your Siblings, and enjoy the music of tintinnabulation and “ominous atmospheres” at the same time.

Your Siblings: 1 Euro Campaign

Only a few days ago, Your Siblings also rebooted a campaign they launched in 2011. They ask everyone to donate a single euro (about $1.30) every month and to spread the word about the campaign.

One euro is not much, but if each of you can inspire just a few friends and bronies to join in, the total of your donations will make an impact.

Please head over to their blog to join in!

By the way, keep an eye out for a certain forthcoming announcement from us and our esteemed partner Las Pegasus Unicon. It’s an offer that you simply won’t be able to refuse.

€8674 of €8674 funded
€43843 of €43843 funded

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