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BfG: The Kallisti IV Charity Livestream: μῆλον τῆς Ἔριδος

Two hundred and eighty-five days will have passed since Kallisti III when on May 3 at noon EDT (4 p.m. UTC) we launch the fourth of our art and charity livestreams on events.yoursiblings.org.

The 24-hour livestream—organized by Bronies for Good and GalaCon with the help of Ponyville Live—will allow you to watch famous fandom artists draw your art requests while you listen to live interviews with the talent working on Friendship is Magic. With a little luck, you’ll even be able to pose your own questions to them.

The interview guests. We’ve reached out to many potential guests and already have several confirmed and more interested, among them a writer, a voice actor, and a certain composer you will know. Below the confirmed guests so far.

  • Anneli Heed: The Swedish Spike, Sweetie Belle, Cheerilee, Spitfire, Photo Finish, singing voice of Rainbow Dash, and many more
  • Cindy Morrow: The writer of “Winter Wrap Up,” “Sisterhooves Social,” “Read It and Weep,” “Hurricane Fluttershy,” and many more
  • Jennifer Weiß: The German voice of Pinkie Pie
  • Nicole Oliver: The voice of Princess Celestia, Cheerilee, and many more
  • Tara Strong: The speaking voice of Princess Twilight Sparkle

We will announce the schedule closer to the event, so keep your eyes peeled to our Twitter and Tumblr! (By the way, we also have a FIMFiction group.)

The artists. So far, Adlynh, ChuckyBB, DeathPwny, DerpTime, Feyrah, futzi, James Corck, Sketchy, St-Timid, Suikuzu, Tsitra360, XTailsDudex, and Yooyfull, have signed up to draw on the stream. However, we’re still looking for more artist guests. If you can draw well, you have experience streaming your work, and you are interested in doing so for Kallisti IV, please contact us and link us your art portfolio. We’ll also need your Skype handle.

The cause. The donations are again split fifty-fifty between GalaCon—who support us with their charity auction and other charity programming—and Your Siblings’ support project for the nonprofit Child Need Africa, which runs the medical clinic in Uganda that we all have helped to fund in 2012. In order to keep up the level of life-saving medical service that they’ve been providing to the impoverished region, they need a strong and sustainable source of income for the clinic, one that will be independent of donations in the long term.

The first step to achieving this is for Child Need Africa to buy and renovate a house near the capital, so that the complete revenue from the rents can help pay for essential supplies for the clinic, especially the medication. All details of the project can be found on Your Siblings’ Permanent Income for the Clinic project page.

Now bookmark events.yoursiblings.org and set an alarm for May 3, so you can’t miss it!

€28320 of €28320 funded