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Seeds of Kindness Newsletter #6

Great thanks to all of you who have set up monthly donations for Seeds of Kindness! You are helping to bring forth great change, and allowing the Against Malaria Foundation to plan its future budget.

If you would like to set up monthly donations too, please do so through our fund-raiser:


A lot has happened within the effective altruism movement recently:

  1. Our Bound Together comic anthology is rapidly taking shape, and some artists have independently published WIPs and previews. Check out their portfolios in our original announcement. Preorders are still open.
  2. Peter Hurford’s great fundraising tips offer advice if you’d like to contribute to Seeds of Kindness but don’t have the financial means to make substantial donations yourself. Good luck with your event!
  3. The “2015 Gates Annual Letter” has been published. It addresses important topics such as opportunities for health and financial security for the poorest in the next fifteen years. The letter calls for “informed, passionate individuals working together to form effective movements for change. People who care about helping those in the world’s poorest places improve their lives. We call them global citizens.” That’s you!
  4. Six new studies show the limited and mixed effectiveness of microcredit, and show, by implication, the importance of informed, evidence-based altruism.
  5. Raising for Effective Giving promotes effective giving to top animal charities.
  6. One of our members has written an article titled Effective Altruism 101. It can serve as introduction for your friends who are interested in the effective altruism we facilitate in our fandom and can encourage them to join us.

Currently, our collaborative effort with the Against Malaria Foundation has raised enough funds for more than 2,500 mosquito nets, thus offering over 5,000 people protection from the deadly disease. Please help spread the word and donate to save even more lives!

€38278 funded