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Seeds of Kindness: Building Bridges

The album. Building Bridges is the culmination of months of work from talented musicians dedicated to making the world a better place – but now it’s up to you.

Just donate below (you’ll be taken to the website of our partner, the Against Malaria Foundation), confirm that you’ve donated, and you’ll be able to download Building Bridges and our eight previous albums!

The charity. “I wasn’t just sick, with fever and a headache, I felt detached from myself. … I was gasping for air. I couldn’t breathe. I was dying.” This is how Ann Paisley Chandler describes her malaria attack. She survived but many others are less lucky. We have the power to save many of them!

Our last fundraiser has received donations that will save more than twenty lives. Let’s break our own record together!

For further information, please read our profile of the Against Malaria Foundation and watch the TED talk by Peter Singer and TEDx talk by Toby Ord, explaining effective altruism.

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