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Czequestria 2014

As a premiere this year, we were invited as charity partners to the Czequestria convention in Prague. Just as at GalaCon, we ran a charity booth (also known as table) at the convention and Czequestria organized a charity auction for our benefit—or more specifically that of the support project for Child Need Africa’s clinic in the Rubirizi District of Uganda.

Prices and wages in the Czech Republic tend to be lower than in Germany and the attendance of the convention was about one sixth of that of the last GalaCon, so we expected proceed of less than one sixth. In total, however, the attendance-adjusted gap turned out to be smaller than expected, and the auction was even proportionally more successful!

Part CZKPart EURTotal EUR
Table Saturday Kč 6,450 € 37 € 266
Table Sunday Kč 2,135 € 4 € 80
Auction Kč 46,700 € 1,657
Rounding Donation € 8
Total € 2,011

For the transfer of the auction proceeds, the bank applied an exchange rate of € 1 = Kč 28.17547 and for the transfer of the table proceeds one of € 1 = Kč 28.174. Czequestria rounded the resulting figures up for us. Please also note that the table proceeds on Saturday may be low by a few koruny and those of Sunday high by the same amount because I didn’t count the smallest coins of Kč 20 and less on the first day.

The purchase of the house that will allow the charity to funnel a regular income into medicine and other recurring expenses is now fully funded, and we will launch the renovation project as soon as possible.

€28320 of €28320 funded