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GalaCon 2014

Just like last year, GalaCon 2014 has again been a resounding success for us and thus for Child Need Africa’s nonprofit clinic. Even before the convention, they already supported us by running Project GLACEON, which drove donations over the weekend.

They provided us—InC, representing Bronies for Good, and me, representing both organizations—with a booth where we could accept donations for the clinic. They also ran a silent auction throughout most of the time and had the two-day event culminate in a live auction moderated by Perry and several of GalaCon’s guests of honor.

The charity auctions yielded about three times the proceeds that we raised at the table over the weekend. You can find the breakdown below. I’ve rounded up by eight cents to facilitate processing. (I’ll pay the difference!) Of the live auction proceeds, €250 are still forthcoming as of the writing of this post. All these proceeds have been forwarded to us in full and will reach the clinic in full when the project is funded.

Table Saturday €1,373
Table Sunday €1,550
Silent Auction €675
Live Auction €8,780
Total €12,378

By the way, there are still GLACEON cards left, so if you would like to complete your set, please contact us.

€28320 of €28320 funded