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BfG: 24-Hour-Long Golden Apples of Discord: Kallisti III

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

Dear offseasoners,

By reading these words you prove your allegiance with the rare breed of the offseasoner, a particularly committed species of pony fan that sticks around even when there is no new episode to sweeten the wait for the weekend.

Your diligence does not go unrequited, because it allows you to learn about such grand events as the third iteration of the 24-hour Kallisti livestream brought to you by Bronies for Good, GalaCon, BronyState, Ponyville Live, and Celestia Radio.

During Kallisti, great fandom artists will draw your requests live on air, while our prominent show guests answer your questions from the chat. Be charitable in style and bookmark the following viewer page now.

Join us June 22 at noon EDT on events.yoursiblings.org!

With privilege, however, comes obligation, so it is now upon you to get these tidings of joy out to those friends of yours who might otherwise miss them and of course to save up some donation money.

We are in the middle of the organization and invitation phase, so the following list of guests is still incomplete and a little tentative, but it should be a viable forecast of what is to come.

Show guests who have graciously agreed to join us for interviews

  • Amy Keating Rogers, author of such episodes as The Best Night Ever or A Friend in Deed
  • Andrea Libman, the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
  • Dave Polsky, author of Too Many Pinkie Pies, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and more
  • Dennis Hu, Flash builder on Pony and proprietor of an awesome voice
  • Julie Basecqz, the French voice of Rarity
  • M.A. Larson, the author whom we thank for Magical Mystery Cure, It’s About Time, and more

Artists who will be drawing live on the stream

As always, 50% of the donations will support GalaCon, who are planning their own charity events at their August 2013 convention, while the other 50% will benefit Seeds of Kindness 2 and thereby the plans of the German Engineers Without Borders to build 200 direly needed rainwater harvesting tanks in Tanzania.

About Bronies for Good

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About GalaCon

GalaCon is a convention event run by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fans. We aim to bring together fans from Europe and beyond for a fun and friendly weekend. GalaCon features special guests, panels, merchandise, and more. The convention is open to fans of all ages and all walks of life to celebrate what we consider a really well-made cartoon! (You can also follow GalaCon on Twitter.)