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GalaCon Charity Cooperation: Orphanage Funded


GalaCon 2012 already went a long way in funding the Safe Project orphanage. Since then, they have further supported us with our Kallisti fundraiser cooperations, and now GalaCon 2013 has put the capstone on the orphanage: The project “Safe Project: Necessary Augmentations” is fully funded, thanks to the convention!

On top of that, another €5741 went to the closely related guest house project that will bolster the long-term financial security of the orphanage.

The cooperation was bipartite: GalaCon provided us—or me, representing Bronies for Good and Your Siblings—with a table at a central spot in the venue (and also one that was less hot), where we could receive donations from attendees and give out gifts as tokens of our appreciation; moreover, GalaCon also dedicated to our causes the full returns from their charity auction, a several-hours-long event right before the closing ceremonies.

The on-table donations amounted to €2,694.03, and the proceeds from the charity auction to an official total of €11,632. GalaCon then donated 102% of them, €11,860, to Your Siblings.

Before I gradually ran out of supplies, my charity booth was stocked with various Bronies for Good buttons, Ultra Pro playmats, Equestrian bits, and GalaCon posters and postcards. Later, artists spontaneously joined the table to draw and contribute their artwork as extra incentives. Additionally, donors had the chance to preorder the forthcoming charity album A Beautiful Heart, join a blood donation pledge drive, and write letters to our projects.

Some of the items auctioned off were plushies of Friendship is Magic characters, artwork, the GalaCon banners and flags, a “cute-off” between voice actors Andrea Libman and Anneli Heed, and a hug from voice actor Peter New (interestingly dressed for the occasion), all of which were donated by the fans, the guests of honor, and by the convention. Ponyville Live will soon upload the recording of the event, but you can already find clips from it online.

Many thanks to GalaCon, to the GalaCon crew, to the volunteers who supported me and who helped at the auction, and centrally to all our donors for this wonderful start into the Seeds of Kindness 3 season!

€8674 of €8674 funded
€9742 of €9742 funded
€43843 of €43843 funded