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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3: A Veritable Palette of Convention Charity Programming

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

In case you’ve found yourself lost in some delicious yet confusing muffin paradox, Seeds of Kindness 3, the third incarnation of our Seeds of Kindness project series, is on the verge of launching. As part of this final buildup, we’ve teamed up with our crabtastic friends at BronyCon and our pretzel filled comrades at GalaCon to cater you a delicious palette of charitable programming in both Europe and America! So grab your altruistic hats and call it double, folks, because we’ve got a bakers dozen worth of charitable efforts running for you to check out. Let’s dig in!

BronyCon and GalaCon

Album Preorder for Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart

Attendees at BronyCon and GalaCon will get the exclusive chance to donate to Seeds of Kindness 3 and leave their altruistic mark in the world, when we lift the cloth on our new fundraiser page at the conventions. This is strictly an early sneak peek, but the donations can, if desired, already be counted toward the top donor totals, and every donor qualifies for an album preorder!

As announced earlier, Seeds of Kindness 3 supports three projects for orphans and street children in Uganda and Burundi. The first of these projects will allow Another Hope to complete their own orphanage building and save the rent for their current house. The second project is closely related: Next to the orphanage, a guest house will be built that will pay for many of the running expenses of the orphanage and save them the costs of accommodations for their volunteers. The third and largest project is for Green Life in Burundi: Another field, water and solar energy supply, and other agricultural means will benefit the children’s schooling and boost their farming programs—all to not just meet the children’s most urgent needs but to yield a surplus on top of that to cover such expenditures as medical bills and school fees.

All together almost €43,000 are still needed to complete these projects.

Letter Drive for Your Siblings

Do you like to write letters?  Well, then have we got the drive for you. As a BronyCon and GalaCon first, we’ll be hosting a station where you can write letters to the children of any of the Your Siblings–funded humanitarian projects that YOU helped us fund with Seeds of Kindness 1 and 2. Feel free to include a little inspiration message, pony drawing, or whatever you would like to say to the children of Burundi or Uganda and we’ll see to it that they arrive safely. (We won’t be able to convey replies back to you, so if you have questions for the projects, it may be better to send them an email.) Paper and writing supplies will be available at our table, but you are also welcome to bring your own if you’d like. The more the merrier, amirite?

Nurse Redheart’s Roundup Pledge Drive

As our longest running altruistic effort, Nurse Redheart’s Roundup serves as the biggest annual fandom-wide blood drive event. As part of preparations for the kickoff in September, we’ll be hosting a pledge drive at both BronyCon and GalaCon for donors intending to participate in the NRR proper. If you’d like to donate blood, share your story, and even get a chance at winning some awesome prizes, then please be sure to sign up a either respective BfG table and be sure to keep an eye out for updates and news on it as September approaches!


Charity Auction for CureSearch

As with the majority of brony conventions out there, we’ll be having a massive charity auction to benefit a wonderful cancer fighting organization by the name of CureSearch for Children’s Cancer. Full 80% of the proceeds of the auction will go directly to CureSearch, so if you’d like to donate an item to the auction, then please come by to booth 102, located near the exit of the vendor hall, to help support their crucial cancer fighting efforts!

Food Drive for Maryland Food Bank

Next on the menu is our food collection drive for the Maryland Food Bank! No family should ever have to go a night hungry (or without some delicious muffins), so help us feed the hungry folks of Maryland by donating at our table any fresh (and preferably organic!) cereals, meats, breakfast items, etc. that you can spare, so that we can help support the Maryland Food Bank’s efforts to meet the ever-growing demand for food. Fresh veggies and fruits are preferred but only on Saturday and Sunday to ensure optimal freshness when we go donate everything on Monday.

FOB 5K Casey Cares Run

As a little aside to consider, FOB Equestria has consorted with the the Baltimore Orioles to participate in a 5k charity run for the Casey Cares, a group the in Baltimore area that helps families with children struggling with cancer. FOB has created a team on Casey Cares’s website and is encouraging any nonmilitary bronies to participate as well for an entry fee of $35.00. The run begins on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. and they could really use some bronies out there to cheer them on, so be sure to grab an early breakfast and show some brony charity solidarity! Additional contact and event information can be found here.

About Bronies for Good

Bronies for Good, first and foremost, is you. We are the facilitators who organize service events worldwide and encourage individual, group, and social involvement to fostering the growth of a global community of caring, socially conscious individuals: you. (You can also follow Bronies for Good on Twitter and Facebook.)

About Your Siblings

Your Siblings is a nonprofit charity organization registered in Germany that provides 100% effective monetary aid to select Third World projects that representatives of Your Siblings have personally visited and assessed. The projects need to be themselves nonprofit, nongovernmental, run by locals of the respective country, and geared towards providing the most essential means and services to those most severely disadvantaged in society, all to ensure that the donations will have the greatest and most permanent impact. (You can also follow Your Siblings on Twitter and Facebook.)

About CureSearch for Children’s Cancer

CureSearch takes a holistic approach to combating children’s cancer through targeted and innovative cancer research with measurable results and by serving as an authoritative source of information and resources for all those affected by children’s cancer. You can find out more about their work on their website and by following their Twitter and Facebook.

€8674 of €8674 funded
€9742 of €9742 funded

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