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Author archives: Lisa Wiese

Report: Another Hope, Uganda, January 2011

In January this year, I visited the orphanage Another Hope again. We had been in contact ever since I visited them last year. I wanted to make some videos and finish the concept of how Your Siblings could support Another Hope, considering our criteria. In the beginning we had the plan to expand the existing chicken farm, so they could make enough profit to cover the monthly costs of the orphanage.

After reflecting over the expansion, Ruth (the founder of Another Hope) realized that this plan was not going to work out. The farm had to be big enough to take care not only of school fees for the kids, but food for them and rent as well. This is a lot of money and the plan was not well thought out. A much better solution would be to build a house owned by Another Hope itself, to take off the biggest cost factor. A slightly smaller chicken farm would still take care of the basic needs. The property on which the farm was built and where the new house is going to be build already belongs to Another Hope. The detailed plan for this lasting project can be viewed ...

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