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Newsletter #27

We will now translate our newsletters and publish them here. Have fun.

  1. Our pre-Christmas campaign was a great success. Many thanks to all donors! Within very short time we managed to collect incredible €675 for the clinic! Thank you!
  2. Thanks also for the many responses regarding the names in concrete in Uganda. In case someone hasn’t replied yet: Do it now! We want to immortalize everyone who has contributed to the clinic by engraving their names in the concrete of the building.
  3. Coming very soon: On December 16, the Spinnwerk in Leipzig, Germany (a theater) presents a theatrical performance on the Your Siblings–related topic A starving person is killed.
  4. Our project Soap bubbles in Africa is in its test phase, and, believe it or not, the soap bubbles have already been practiced on the African continent. Combined with the joyous eyes of the children, the images are going to become a lot more beautiful still! Here some impressions about my teacher. Thanks to David Krahlisch for the heads up. Moreover, we already have a prominent supporter. We’ll reveal more soon.
  5. Our Christmas campaign is about to launch. It’s set to start in the first week of December. We count on you to promote us energetically! Many thanks to Arash and Patricia, and thanks to Venassa (and Schnegge) for the inspiration.
  6. A tremendous Christmas offer: The Apfeltüte! There is hardly a way for a present to be more meaningful! Pleae tell your aunt, grandpa, and all your friends. Thanks!
  7. Last week one thing was expecially touching. An acquaintance wrote to us telling us that she wants to donate. Why? It’s the first time she’s earned an “actual salary.” That’s so cute and lovely that it had to be mentioned here. Thank you, Jenny!


Soap bubbles