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Author archives: Lisa Wiese

Newsletter #31

  1. Many thanks again to the Hans Böckler Foundation for their most generous support for the home for street children in Burundi. They helped directly with a full €1315! Thanks so much! The contect was initiated by a supporter who doesn’t want to be named. Thanks to you too!
  2. We were able to transfer €1047 to the clinic, and we have another €1032 waiting, but these are for perishable needs like medicine, so we don’t transfer them just yet. All that’s left are a mere €7721, then the clinic is completely funded. Now please look to your left and right if there happens to be a stack of bank bills. It might just coincidentally be exactly that sum. If so, then that is a sign and you should donate.
  3. Only recently I could assess a wonderful standing order. Many thanks for that too!
  4. Paul and Hansen are starting their tour tomorrow already. I’m excited and happy for you.
  5. And now we’re at the ready and I can hardly wait for it to launch. Then, I think, all worries are past… or something like that.
  6. Last but not least, spring has arrived. More or less, but ...

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Newsletter #30

  1. Our Healthy-Again Feeling campaign was a great success (€355 so far). Aynone who wants to fill the pot a little further is cordially invited to do so. We are always thankful for even the smallest donation. Many thanks to all donors. Thanks, you are great.

  2. Our soap bubble video already has no less than 510 views!

  3. Our accounting for 2011 is up on our website. Many thanks to Alper Utlu, you were a great help!

  4. Benjamin Rogmans and I have rounded up the donations from our donation cans, but we soon noticed that we’ll have to wait a little longer until it’s worthwhile again. Thanks Ben!

  5. Amazing: And starting very soon: Our concept developer Paul Hoepner and his twin brother Hansen are realizing what has been in the works for a long time, and all the while stick very visible Your Siblings stickers onto their bikes. Very special promotion for us. Thank you, Paul and Hansen, and please return safely.

  6. We’ll soon start a fundraiser, Seeds of Kindness, together with Bronies for Good, who only recently raised €21,000 for a children’s cancer aid organization. Every donor will get a free, exclusive music album, and there ...

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Report: Africa 2012

Some of the streets have improved; there’s a lot of construction work happening. But the poor stay poor and become even poorer; the rich stay rich and become even richer. All quiet on the southern front as well.

There is some development. Surely. Just, the African national governments’ interest in establishing a somewhat just system nationally is about as little as the industrialized nations’ interest in global justice. Like so many spots on the face of this earth, this continent is rich. More than that. It is full of the most valuable natural resources—which proved more curse than blessing throughout history. You don’t need a degree to understand certain political and economic connections. However, this report is not supposed to be political, but should provide a short, compressed overview over our work on this journey.

The main goal were this time:

  • Reporting on the Project A Clinic in Uganda
  • Buying land for the construction of a home for street children in Burundi and the documentation thereof
  • Making soap bubbles with children from various countries and photographing it
  • Gaining an overview of the situation in Somalia, and possibly finding a suitable project

Those goals were, thank God, reached ...

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Report: Green Village in Burundi, January 2012

The wait is over: The land has been bought. It is large (100 m × 80 m or 328 feet × 263 feet) and is located on a hill 12 km (7.5 miles) outside Gitega in a area of lush vegetation. You can hear the rushing of the river, and the nature is still almost completely undisturbed. The earth is perfectly suited for growing fruits and vegetables, and keeping animals. The project can here of course also extract the clay from which they are going to make the hearths to be sold on the market in the city. Self-sufficiency is inevitable in this environment. Soon, the project will prepare the ground, so the home for street children can be built.

The members of the local NGO Green Life are elated and are looking forward to working on and in the future home.

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Newsletter #29

  1. I’ve been able to find a very good local NGO in Somalia doing wonderful work. It requires a great deal of planning and work until we can support a new sustainable project. I’m trying to make use of the existing budget of Unicef and others. Please be very critical of the picture that the media paints of Somalia, and draw on alternative media for your information.
  2. The clinic in Western Uganda is thriving, thanks to you. A photo of the purchased equipment is attached, and there’s also a video. This doesn’t require many words to describe: It’s a complete success. Please continue your support so the remainder can be funded. We can launch as soon as all salaries are financed.
  3. We traveled into more remote regions to give the children there deworming treatments; these last for six months. Mawanda hopes that he’ll be able to give the next treatment already in the clinic, and we hope so too. You can find the report on and photos of the project Clinic in Uganda here, including your names, engraved in concrete. Thank you for your support! Mawanda: “You think it is just a pill, but I ...

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Report: A Clinic in Uganda, January 2012

The clinic is built, wind- and waterproof, stout and sturdy. It’s a strong and durable construction, built to last.

There’s even space in the backyard for growing fruits and vegetables, or for extending the clinic building if necessary. The clinic has already bought the following items of equipment: a microscope, a wheelchair, a centrifuge, and mattresses. You can find photos and receipts on the project pages. During our visit of the “rural areas” outside the village Katerera, Mawanda gave deworming treatments to children and conducted smaller medical exams. The team will also be doing much educational work in those areas once the clinic gets running. Worms are just one of many problems there. The HIV rate remains high, and especially mother-to-child transmissions are a central problem, as women still deliver their children at home. In the clinic very simple means will soon ensure that there is no transmission to the newborn.

The villagers are very much looking forward to the opening of the clinic. There's still no studied physician in the whole area. Little is needed anymore; we are happy about even the smallest of donations. Each will be used in its entirety to finally allow the ...

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Newsletter #28

  1. The pre-Christmas campaign continues to grow. You can still donate. If not there, then perhaps for the Christmas Campaign? There’s still room for donations! Many thanks to all donors. Here the video about the campaign. What will you pack?

  2. We’d love to write down all our thoughts about the play The real fucking Benefiz – A starving person is killed, but that would go beyond the scope of this newsletter. There was not a dry eye left; the audience was captivated and moved. Thank you, Spinnwerk! Here, again, the trailer. You’ll soon be informed how much money has come in. Huge props to Baris and Christian and the rest of the crew. Thank you.

  3. Our prominent support for our soap bubbles project is Johnny Strange of Culcha Candela. (You remember Rise and Shine?) He’s packed 10 kg (22 lbs) of soap bubbles and Lisa will take the rest. On top of that, Lisa has obtained even more interesting equipment. Wait and see.

  4. Finally: The land for the street children project in Burundi can be bought! We have about €3000 for that. The purchase will be documented in a few weeks, and then the fundraising for the building ...

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Newsletter #27

We will now translate our newsletters and publish them here. Have fun.

  1. Our pre-Christmas campaign was a great success. Many thanks to all donors! Within very short time we managed to collect incredible €675 for the clinic! Thank you!
  2. Thanks also for the many responses regarding the names in concrete in Uganda. In case someone hasn’t replied yet: Do it now! We want to immortalize everyone who has contributed to the clinic by engraving their names in the concrete of the building.
  3. Coming very soon: On December 16, the Spinnwerk in Leipzig, Germany (a theater) presents a theatrical performance on the Your Siblings–related topic A starving person is killed.
  4. Our project Soap bubbles in Africa is in its test phase, and, believe it or not, the soap bubbles have already been practiced on the African continent. Combined with the joyous eyes of the children, the images are going to become a lot more beautiful still! Here some impressions about my teacher. Thanks to David Krahlisch for the heads up. Moreover, we already have a prominent supporter. We’ll reveal more soon.
  5. Our Christmas campaign is about to launch. It’s set to start in the first week of ...

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Rise & Shine – Afrika Ist Mehr

Samstag, 16.07.2011, 19 Uhr, AQUA Berlin, Lobeckstr. 30–35, 10969 Berlin – Make it a date!

Unter dem Motto »Rise & Shine - Afrika Ist Mehr« erwartet euch ein bunt gemischtes Programm. Verteilt auf 2 Floors gibt es Filme, Fotos & Infos zu unseren Projekten, Essen & Getränke, sowie natürlich eine geile Party mit großartigen Live-Acts.

Alle Erlöse fließen in die Projekte von Afrika Rise & Your Siblings!


Während draußen gechillt werden kann, erwarten euch indoor die folgenden Künstler:


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1 Euro Campaign

Even with the smallest amounts you can effect great change. As of the day I’m updating this post, we have only 46 followers on Twitter, but if each of them had donated just one euro per month to one of our projects, the aggregate amount could already buy all the bricks and timber needed to build the guest house of the Safe Project orphanage.

One euro is only slightly over one dollar. Not everyone can afford it, but if you can, please set up a subscription to donate one euro (or optionally more) per month to one of our projects.

Here are a few simple ways to do so.


Once more, Betterplace is a great help. Just go to the Your Siblings donation page, enter the amount, and select “monthly” instead of “once” before completing the donation.


If for some reason you cannot use Betterplace but you have a Flattr account, then you can set up a Flattr subscription for us. Just open the Flattr page of our website (or scroll to the bottom of this page), and after flattring us, select “Subscribe.”

Bank transfer

Finally, you can also, of course, set up an ordinary standing order ...

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