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Request for Reallocation of Donations to Child Need Africa

At this point, the problems that Green Life faces seem rather minor to us. Since November of last year, seven former members of the Burundian organization have voiced their complaints over a form of nontransparency that they saw in the decision-making of their own organization. A preliminary legal hearing found that their claims had no legal basis. Our contact person with Green Life then explained that the members in question had been largely inactive for their whole short time as members, and that it was only due to their absence from key meetings that they were not involved in the decisions.

Corresponding with both parties involved, our impression is that Green Life’s decisions were all in the best interest of the organization and the children, and that there is no evidence of any malpractice on the side of Green Life. Our contact also assured us that the members who parted ways with Green Life had been inactive to the degree that they had held no positions whose vacancy could affect Green Life’s operations.

Nonetheless, we want to monitor the situation a while longer before we prioritize Green Life again in our fund-raising, and Green Life also needs time to produce further reports that we requested. We hope to receive these by late September and publish them soon thereafter.

At the same time, our fund-raising for the support project for Child Need Africa’s clinic in the Rubirizi region of Uganda has reached a stage where we are almost able to complete its funding. We previously reported that the clinic had incurred a regular deficit over the course of 2013. Since then, Child Need Africa has implemented a series of cost cuts that decreased the clinics performance but enabled it to operate stably within its budget even throughout the last three months that again saw greater expenses for medicine. Moreover, they were able to offset the overall deficit thanks to generous donations from their own staff and from another doctor who learned about the project and its financial straits.

In February, we started the support project for the clinic to enable it to increase its level of service to the community—a house in the suburbs of Kampala that Child Need Africa would buy, renovate, and rent out to generate a reliable income for the clinic. Child Need Africa’s top choice for this house is still on the market, and we are almost able to fund it. While Green Life is in urgent need of support too, the urgency of the support project overrode the urgency of the Green Village in February, and with the latest unfortunate delays taken into consideration, Child Need Africa’s project becomes even more urgent by comparison. Hence we would like to reallocate to Child Need Africa the donations previously assigned to Green Life that we have not yet transferred. The possible surplus will be invested into the renovation of the house.

Outstanding 2.154
Christmas of Bridges 3,610
This website 301
Total 1,757

Of course we do not want our system of projects and needs to degrade to the level of a donor illusion, so if you are one of the donors who donated to Green Life either through our website or through the Christmas of Bridges fund-raiser since last November and you don’t want your donation to be reassigned as described, then please tell us the date and amount of your donation, and we will leave it untouched. Due to the urgency of the project, we would like to initiate the process in September, so we would like to ask you to contact us before Sunday, September 7, 2014. After that date we will commence the reassignment.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

€28320 of €28320 funded
€22096 of €22096 funded