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Proposed Change to the Strategy of the Safe Project

The NGO Another Hope, who we have been fundraising for especially through the Seeds of Kindness fundraisers by Bronies for Good, is building a children’s home—the Safe Project—to provide more than fifty orphans with education, food, and the safety of a new family. They have had long experience in this sector, after having run an orphanage for more than half a decade. This building of a new home marks not the launch but an expansion of the project, an expansion that will also make them independent of the rent they currently pay for the orphanage.

To further support their endeavor, Another Hope was planning to run a chicken farm to sell eggs, and use the returns to balance the running expenses of their humanitarian work. There has been miscommunication about this, so let us clarify: The project we are currently fundraising for and that you have almost completely funded is the building of the children’s home, the new and larger building that will serve as a new home for the orphans. Funding the chicken farm would have been the next step, but so far all donations go towards the orphanage building.

The economic situation in Uganda, however, has recently changed to the disadvantage of chicken farms with prices for eggs plummeting and costs for vaccines and feeds rising.

Nambowa Ruth Bulyaba, the executive director of Another Hope, has recognized this situation and responded to it with a revision to Another Hope’s plans: Instead of a chicken farm, they could run a guest house. That way, they would not only save costs for the housing of people volunteering at the site but could also rent out rooms to tourists, a business that could be expanded through partnerships with local tourism companies.

She sent us updated proposals and budget plans for the two alternative projects. The guest house would have capacity for ten guests, and has been planned to fit into the same budget as the chicken farm, so that its total of €8674 exceeds the costs of the old project by only €25. Even given Ruth’s conservative estimate of four simultaneous guests, the expected monthly profit of about €1400 (after conversion from Ugandan Shilling) far exceeds the €400 to €450 of monthly revenue they project for the chicken farm.

At Your Siblings, we are very fond of the new and revised plans for the Safe Project and want to give them the green light by January—however, we won’t make such a decision without first asking your feedback as our past or potential donors. If you have any concerns, please leave a comment on our website or contact us by email. Your input is greatly valued!

Below the expected monthly income and expenses for the chicken farm and the guest house in Ugandan shilling. You can use Wolfram Alpha for conversion to euro or dollar.

Chicken farm

ItemCost/income (UGX)
Feeds -5,159,000
Vitamins -1,900,000
Antibiotics -95,000
Doctor’s fee -240,000
Labor -400,000
Water -200,000
Vaccinations -180,000
Administration costs -200,000
Incidentals -250,000
Income from egg sales 10,080,000
Total revenue

Guest house

ItemCost/income (UGX)
Labor -700,000
Cleaning detergents -350,000
Water -400,000
Administration costs -400,000
Incidental -300,000
Income from the guest house 6,600,000
Total revenue
€8674 of €8674 funded
€43843 of €43843 funded