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Clinic in Uganda Funded

The Seeds of Kindness fundraiser has hit its first major milestone: The clinic in Uganda is fully funded! Now the Green Village in Burundi needs your help!

Thanks to more than 800 generous donors—among them some who gave several hundred euro, and thus have a chance to one of many valuable prizes—the fundraiser has now reached a total of over $19,000! Every bit counts, hence every donor, no matter the donation, receives an exclusive 2.5-hours-long music album as thank you! See the Bronies for Good album page for the track listing and previews.

Now that the clinic has been funded, we will transfer 100% of the donated funds to the project, and soon Mawanda Johnbosco and his team will be able to attend to patients who would otherwise not have had any access to medical treatment for mother-to-child transmission of HIV. The clinic will also be able to serve an ever more critical educational mission in a region where the vast majority of the population has not even attained an elementary school education.

Thank you to everyone who has donated! You are saving lives!

Here a message from Mawanda Johnbosco, the head of the clinic:

Hi people,

I just want to say thank you so much for contributing to the establishment of the clinic in Western Uganda. There are many lives this clinic is going to save. Wherever you are, just know your endeavors to support this project are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!

Seeds of Kindness is now entirely focused on the second project, a village for street children in Burundi. The village will hopefully serve as a haven for children and orphans displaced by the civil war, while also being their gateway out of perpetual poverty and disease. 

The Green Village (built by Green Life) will include gardens, farms, a pottery, and a welding shop which will allow the project to become self-sufficient after this initial push, and will endow the children with a future without hunger and crime.

To realize this dream, they require a little over $30,000 in total, and as of today, about $15,500 is still needed.

You can find the fundraiser here.

Thank you!

€22096 of €22096 funded
€24570 of €24570 funded