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Seeds of Kindness Fundraiser Launched

Bronies for Good, My Little Remix, countless musicians, and many others have worked relentlessly for months to bring you Seeds of Kindness, a fundraiser and an eponymous music album.

Everyone who donates to the fundraiser can download the album as a thank you. (There’s also a preview.) Moreover, artists of all trades have contributed prizes for those who donate the most. More detailed instructions on what you need to consider especially when making bigger donations can be found on the instructions page. There is also the track listing of the Seeds of Kindness album and the list of prizes.

All donations benefit two of our projects, the clinic in Uganda and the Green Village in Burundi. We forward the donations in full, and after this initial financial impetus, the projects will be completely self-sustainable and independent of outside aid.

Now go and give us your moneys; every bit counts!

€22096 of €22096 funded
€24570 of €24570 funded