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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3 Charity Lineup

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

This year’s BronyCon and GalaCon are only weeks away, and so is this year’s Seeds of Kindness fundraiser and the release of the associated charity album! Today we are announcing the final charity lineup for the launch of Seeds of Kindness 3.

The Three Humanitarian Projects

Your SiblingsOver the past five months, Your Siblings has collaborated with the local organizations Another Hope and Green Life in Uganda and Burundi, respectively, to finalize precisely what needs to be bought and built to expand their individual projects. Both of these organizations have been founded to look after children who have lost home and family to war, poverty, or disease. The goal of our fundraiser is to allow them to accept more children into their care, provide them with a greater gamut of educational activities to endow them with a self-determined future, and further secure the viability of the projects in the long term.

The first of these projects will cover the costs for a number of outstanding items, such as fixtures and a solar installation, that will allow Another Hope to complete their own orphanage building and save the rent for their current house. The second project is closely related: A guest house will be built close to the orphanage so that tourists who visit the region—and they are already in contact with local tourism businesses—will pay for many of the running expenses of the orphanage. All the while, they will also save the costs of accommodations for their volunteers. The third and largest project is for Green Life: To extend their agricultural program, which they run for and with the street children in their care, they want to acquire another field and more animals, build a rainwater tank, and supply one of their buildings with solar energy. Another solar energy installation will benefit educational activities for the children—such as welding, music, and pottery. All these new or expanded activities are designed to meet the needs of the children and moreover yield a surplus that will be sold to cover medical bills and school fees.

All together around €43,000 are still needed to complete these projects. Do you think our community can do it?

US 501(c)(3) Charity Partners

Room to ReadWe are now also supporting select US charities with specific Seeds of Kindness 3 campaigns at conventions as well as planned online auctions. Room to Read, for example, specializes in literacy and gender equality: In currently ten developing countries, they fund and drive the building of schools and libraries, supply them with quality educational literature, and give scholarships to girls whose families could not otherwise afford it. A donation of just $250 buys one year of holistic education for one girl.

Finally, we also want to make Seeds of Kindness 3 about your initiatives, your ideas, and your charitable efforts. But more about that in a separate announcement.

Don’t miss next week’s announcement of our Seeds of Kindness 3 launch event!

About Bronies for Good

Bronies for Good, first and foremost, is you. We are the facilitators who organize service events worldwide and encourage individual, group, and social involvement to fostering the growth of a global community of caring, socially conscious individuals: you. (You can also follow Bronies for Good on Twitter and Facebook.)

About Your Siblings

Your Siblings is a nonprofit charity organization registered in Germany that provides 100% effective monetary aid to select Third World projects that representatives of Your Siblings have personally visited and assessed. The projects need to be themselves nonprofit, nongovernmental, run by locals of the respective country, and geared towards providing the most essential means and services to those most severely disadvantaged in society, all to ensure that the donations will have the greatest and most permanent impact. (You can also follow Your Siblings on Twitter and Facebook.)

€8674 of €8674 funded
€9742 of €9742 funded

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