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Report: A Clinic in Uganda, January 2012

The clinic is built, wind- and waterproof, stout and sturdy. It’s a strong and durable construction, built to last.

There’s even space in the backyard for growing fruits and vegetables, or for extending the clinic building if necessary. The clinic has already bought the following items of equipment: a microscope, a wheelchair, a centrifuge, and mattresses. You can find photos and receipts on the project pages. During our visit of the “rural areas” outside the village Katerera, Mawanda gave deworming treatments to children and conducted smaller medical exams. The team will also be doing much educational work in those areas once the clinic gets running. Worms are just one of many problems there. The HIV rate remains high, and especially mother-to-child transmissions are a central problem, as women still deliver their children at home. In the clinic very simple means will soon ensure that there is no transmission to the newborn.

The villagers are very much looking forward to the opening of the clinic. There's still no studied physician in the whole area. Little is needed anymore; we are happy about even the smallest of donations. Each will be used in its entirety to finally allow the clinic to treat patients.

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