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Newsletter #29

  1. I’ve been able to find a very good local NGO in Somalia doing wonderful work. It requires a great deal of planning and work until we can support a new sustainable project. I’m trying to make use of the existing budget of Unicef and others. Please be very critical of the picture that the media paints of Somalia, and draw on alternative media for your information.
  2. The clinic in Western Uganda is thriving, thanks to you. A photo of the purchased equipment is attached, and there’s also a video. This doesn’t require many words to describe: It’s a complete success. Please continue your support so the remainder can be funded. We can launch as soon as all salaries are financed.
  3. We traveled into more remote regions to give the children there deworming treatments; these last for six months. Mawanda hopes that he’ll be able to give the next treatment already in the clinic, and we hope so too. You can find the report on and photos of the project Clinic in Uganda here, including your names, engraved in concrete. Thank you for your support! Mawanda: “You think it is just a pill, but I know we saved lives today, cause I know how many children die because of consequences of worms a year; they can cause anemia and a lot more.”
  4. The Green Village in Burundi launched marvelously. The land is bought and looks gorgeous.
  5. The soap bubbles in Africa are a big hit. They make for great photos and generate fun and laughter among the children. We are preparing a compilation of soap bubble photos from Somalia, Kenya, Uganda, and Burundi. Thanks to Johnny Strange we even have a German celebrity in the mix.
  6. I would like to start a little campaign very soon, something like “Finale: Let us finally treat patients.” I know that you’ve all showed a great deal of support already, but I still ask your help again. What is especially effective is promotion via social media and of course donating. When our first project is funded, we want to contact the press with that.
  7. If you know someone who has medical literature in English—mainly on the topics of pediatrics, internal medicine, and tropical diseases—which they could donate, it would be greatly appreciated.

I’m still in Africa. If you have questions or ideas, I’m open for everything.

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