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Report: Green Village in Burundi, January 2012

The wait is over: The land has been bought. It is large (100 m × 80 m or 328 feet × 263 feet) and is located on a hill 12 km (7.5 miles) outside Gitega in a area of lush vegetation. You can hear the rushing of the river, and the nature is still almost completely undisturbed. The earth is perfectly suited for growing fruits and vegetables, and keeping animals. The project can here of course also extract the clay from which they are going to make the hearths to be sold on the market in the city. Self-sufficiency is inevitable in this environment. Soon, the project will prepare the ground, so the home for street children can be built.

The members of the local NGO Green Life are elated and are looking forward to working on and in the future home.

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