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Report: Africa 2012

Some of the streets have improved; there’s a lot of construction work happening. But the poor stay poor and become even poorer; the rich stay rich and become even richer. All quiet on the southern front as well.

There is some development. Surely. Just, the African national governments’ interest in establishing a somewhat just system nationally is about as little as the industrialized nations’ interest in global justice. Like so many spots on the face of this earth, this continent is rich. More than that. It is full of the most valuable natural resources—which proved more curse than blessing throughout history. You don’t need a degree to understand certain political and economic connections. However, this report is not supposed to be political, but should provide a short, compressed overview over our work on this journey.

The main goal were this time:

  • Reporting on the Project A Clinic in Uganda
  • Buying land for the construction of a home for street children in Burundi and the documentation thereof
  • Making soap bubbles with children from various countries and photographing it
  • Gaining an overview of the situation in Somalia, and possibly finding a suitable project

Those goals were, thank God, reached. Additionally (and of course not funded by Your Siblings donations), we visited the women’s block in a prison in Gitega, giving food and other donations in kind; visited another orphanage in Uganda, together with Johnny Strange, and with soap bubbles in the luggage; invited about thirty street children to a dinner in a restaurant in Burundi; visited an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, again with soap bubbles; administered deworming treatment to forty children in remote areas of Katerera; and joined negotiations in Nairobi about the budget distribution of the United Nations for Somalia.

€22096 of €22096 funded
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