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Newsletter #30

  1. Our Healthy-Again Feeling campaign was a great success (€355 so far). Aynone who wants to fill the pot a little further is cordially invited to do so. We are always thankful for even the smallest donation. Many thanks to all donors. Thanks, you are great.

  2. Our soap bubble video already has no less than 510 views!

  3. Our accounting for 2011 is up on our website. Many thanks to Alper Utlu, you were a great help!

  4. Benjamin Rogmans and I have rounded up the donations from our donation cans, but we soon noticed that we’ll have to wait a little longer until it’s worthwhile again. Thanks Ben!

  5. Amazing: And starting very soon: Our concept developer Paul Hoepner and his twin brother Hansen are realizing what has been in the works for a long time, and all the while stick very visible Your Siblings stickers onto their bikes. Very special promotion for us. Thank you, Paul and Hansen, and please return safely.

  6. We’ll soon start a fundraiser, Seeds of Kindness, together with Bronies for Good, who only recently raised €21,000 for a children’s cancer aid organization. Every donor will get a free, exclusive music album, and there are special prizes for the most generous donors. Thanks to Denis, who is organizing all of this. And of course to Bronies for Good!

€22096 of €22096 funded
€24570 of €24570 funded