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Newsletter #31

  1. Many thanks again to the Hans Böckler Foundation for their most generous support for the home for street children in Burundi. They helped directly with a full €1315! Thanks so much! The contect was initiated by a supporter who doesn’t want to be named. Thanks to you too!
  2. We were able to transfer €1047 to the clinic, and we have another €1032 waiting, but these are for perishable needs like medicine, so we don’t transfer them just yet. All that’s left are a mere €7721, then the clinic is completely funded. Now please look to your left and right if there happens to be a stack of bank bills. It might just coincidentally be exactly that sum. If so, then that is a sign and you should donate.
  3. Only recently I could assess a wonderful standing order. Many thanks for that too!
  4. Paul and Hansen are starting their tour tomorrow already. I’m excited and happy for you.
  5. And now we’re at the ready and I can hardly wait for it to launch. Then, I think, all worries are past… or something like that.
  6. Last but not least, spring has arrived. More or less, but it’s here somehow. And what does spring bring? Exactly, a spring fundraiser! I hope you’ll all chip in, one or several euros. It’s the spirit that counts. Thanks!

Have a wonderful April, everyone!

€22096 of €22096 funded
€24570 of €24570 funded