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Report: A Clinic in Uganda, January 2012

The clinic is built, wind- and waterproof, stout and sturdy. It’s a strong and durable construction, built to last.

There’s even space in the backyard for growing fruits and vegetables, or for extending the clinic building if necessary. The clinic has already bought the following items of equipment: a microscope, a wheelchair, a centrifuge, and mattresses. You can find photos and receipts on the project pages. During our visit of the “rural areas” outside the village Katerera, Mawanda gave deworming treatments to children and conducted smaller medical exams. The team will also be doing much educational work in those areas once the clinic gets running. Worms are just one of many problems there. The HIV rate remains high, and especially mother-to-child transmissions are a central problem, as women still deliver their children at home. In the clinic very simple means will soon ensure that there is no transmission to the newborn.

The villagers are very much looking forward to the opening of the clinic. There's still no studied physician in the whole area. Little is needed anymore; we are happy about even the smallest of donations. Each will be used in its entirety to finally allow the ...

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€22096 of €22096 funded

Newsletter #28

  1. The pre-Christmas campaign continues to grow. You can still donate. If not there, then perhaps for the Christmas Campaign? There’s still room for donations! Many thanks to all donors. Here the video about the campaign. What will you pack?

  2. We’d love to write down all our thoughts about the play The real fucking Benefiz – A starving person is killed, but that would go beyond the scope of this newsletter. There was not a dry eye left; the audience was captivated and moved. Thank you, Spinnwerk! Here, again, the trailer. You’ll soon be informed how much money has come in. Huge props to Baris and Christian and the rest of the crew. Thank you.

  3. Our prominent support for our soap bubbles project is Johnny Strange of Culcha Candela. (You remember Rise and Shine?) He’s packed 10 kg (22 lbs) of soap bubbles and Lisa will take the rest. On top of that, Lisa has obtained even more interesting equipment. Wait and see.

  4. Finally: The land for the street children project in Burundi can be bought! We have about €3000 for that. The purchase will be documented in a few weeks, and then the fundraising for the building ...

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Christmas Campaign 2011

Just as last year, Your Siblings is again organizing a Christmas campaign, which will run from December 1 to December 25. If you enjoy creating art, this may be just the thing for you. (Talent is optional; it’s the spirit that counts.)

The theme is as follows:

Our name, Your Siblings, is to remind everyone to care for those in need, though often far away, like they were siblings. In our Christmas campaign, we want to encourage you to create a picture or video that conveys this message artistically.
Bronies for Good

Supported by Bronies for Good

The images or videos needn’t be pony-related, by the way, but the show is surely a fount of inspiration. They will be presented in a gallery in this post.

Naturally, we are doing all this to drum up support for our projects. If you can’t make an artistic contribution, please consider making a monetary one. We will forward every last cent of your donation.

So be inspired and send us your artwork or links to it. We will of course give full attribution.

(For the opening image I drew on works by Arvyr and Theresa Knott. Thanks!)

Update: Have a look at our ...

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€24570 of €24570 funded
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€43843 of €43843 funded

Newsletter #27

We will now translate our newsletters and publish them here. Have fun.

  1. Our pre-Christmas campaign was a great success. Many thanks to all donors! Within very short time we managed to collect incredible €675 for the clinic! Thank you!
  2. Thanks also for the many responses regarding the names in concrete in Uganda. In case someone hasn’t replied yet: Do it now! We want to immortalize everyone who has contributed to the clinic by engraving their names in the concrete of the building.
  3. Coming very soon: On December 16, the Spinnwerk in Leipzig, Germany (a theater) presents a theatrical performance on the Your Siblings–related topic A starving person is killed.
  4. Our project Soap bubbles in Africa is in its test phase, and, believe it or not, the soap bubbles have already been practiced on the African continent. Combined with the joyous eyes of the children, the images are going to become a lot more beautiful still! Here some impressions about my teacher. Thanks to David Krahlisch for the heads up. Moreover, we already have a prominent supporter. We’ll reveal more soon.
  5. Our Christmas campaign is about to launch. It’s set to start in the first week of ...

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New Second Chair

On October 29, 2011, the general assembly has unanimously elected me, Denis Drescher, as new second chair of Your Siblings. Thank you.

Lisa Wiese of course continues her work as first chair.

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Fast Progress with Clinic in Uganda

The clinic has been plastered and looks just splendid now, ready for fixtures, medical supplies, and soon also patients.

Clinic in Uganda #1 Clinic in Uganda #2

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Last Christmas

Last year, we asked musicians, artists, and our kind visitors in general to submit such works as songs, videos, or images in which they raise awareness for us and the project A Clinic in Uganda. We then published those works on a Tumblr dedicated to this purpose. Feel free to browse our collection.

Now it’s about time to start planning this year’s Christmas campaign. If you have an interesting idea for what we may do, please let us know. Thank you.

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Donation System

As of October 2014, this explanation is obsolete. Our projects are now typically going to be managed through Betterplace, so that we had to change our algorithms to conform to Betterplace’s simpler system.

Our donation system only knows one type of donation, the donation on individual needs. This ensures that you’ll always have the most fine-grained control over your donation. In addition to this per-need donation, however, our website allows you to donate per project and now even globally on all projects. To reconcile this, the broader donations need to be algorithmically broken down to the level of per-need donations. Depending on whether the donation is per project or global, we use different kinds of algorithms.

The Algorithms

If you make a donation for a specific need, the money is assigned to that need. If you donate more than the need requires, the remainder is added to your project donation.

The aim of the project-level algorithm is to get things done, as it were: Your project donation is assigned to the smallest need. If there is a remainder, it is assigned to the next larger need, and so on.

On the global level, however, we need to be ...

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Non-Profit Status Confirmed

The revenue board has confirmed our non-profit status until December 31, 2013. In the interest of maximum transparency, we are making the certificates publicly available. Unfortunately, they are in German only—apologies for that.

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Your Siblings Office

This is the office that Your Siblings now operates from. Fluffy, isn’t it?

YS Office 1 YS Office 2

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