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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3 Milestone Reached

Do you still have some of the cocktails, coffee, and Kleenex left? Because it’s party time again! In the first days of this month, the Seeds of Kindness 3 fundraiser successfully funded its second project, and now, on the last day of September, we have a new milestone to announce!

The Green Village

Do you like—wait for it—potatoes? Potatoes are pretty rad! (Pun intended.) We all know that Jayson Thiessen has the ability to morph into a flying potato with hat at will, but potatoes also display high levels of awesomeness based on their nutritious value. That is why Green Life has chosen to grow potatoes, along with tomatoes, onions, and other fruit and vegetables, as food for the street children in their care. Another reason is that this kind of produce yields high returns on the local market, so that they can pay all the various running costs of the children’s health care and education.

So far they had to run this agricultural project on a rather small scale, but thanks to your donations they’ll now be able to purchase a bigger field, seeds, and equipment!

The next stage for the Green Village project ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3: Three Tons of Flax, No Wait, Seeds

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

A Beautiful Heart 1080p Final by Ghost-dot-EX

Today, we have three items for your perusal:

  1. A party: Seeds of Kindness 3 has funded the second project.
  2. A question: We want to make a slight adjustment to a Seeds of Kindness 2 beneficiary—but only with your support.
  3. A forum: We want you to join Ponychan’s new /good/ board.

Two Projects Funded

If you’ve already donated to Seeds of Kindness 3, then you’ll need a lot of cocktails, coffee, and Kleenex now, because it’s party time!

Your donations will enable Another Hope to complete the orphanage building, and erect a sizable guest house right next to it. Over fifty children will be able to live in the new orphanage, and the small business next door will endow the nonprofit with a greater degree of financial security, so they can more easily pay the various running expenses for the children.

Now all donations go to the extension of the Green Village. You will remember the project from the first Seeds of Kindness fundraiser. Green Life has since built several houses on the property for living, sleeping, educational activities, and the small-scale agriculture projects they started together with the children ...

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BfG: Welcome to Seeds of Kindness 3

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

We have entered into a new era, the era which—with your help—will furnish the Another Hope orphanage in Uganda with a secure budget for medicine and school fees, and allow the Green Village project for street children in Burundi to expand and endow more children in destitute with new, brighter futures.


This is the address, the portal if you will, to the new zeitgeist.

The Projects

The first of our projects has already been funded thanks to GalaCon! The second project is a guest house that will be built close to the Another Hope orphanage in Uganda so that tourists who visit the region—and they are already in contact with local tourism businesses—will pay for many of the running expenses of the orphanage such as the school fees and medical bills of the children. All the while, they will also save the costs of accommodations for their volunteers. The third and largest project is for Green Life: To extend their agricultural program, which they run for and with the street children in their care, they want to acquire another field and more animals, build a rainwater tank ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3 Album Premiere Party

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

The Release Party

The year 2011 saw the Smile! fundraiser, and 2012 was packed with two Seeds of Kindness fundraisers. Even those of you weren’t at BronyCon or GalaCon to get the inside scoop will have guessed what this means for 2013:

Our Seeds of Kindness 3 release party will be next

Saturday, August 24, 2013, at 4 p.m. EDT

on events.yoursiblings.org!

The release party marks the publishing of the new, exclusive charity album A Beautiful Heart and on top of that the launch of the third Seeds of Kindness fundraiser for two projects of Your Siblings. Moreover, the musician Soldat Pony went beyond donating a track to the A Beautiful Heart and contributed his whole new album Before These Mighty Skies!

Just as with Seeds of Kindness 2, the release party will be a parallel stream of the album premiere on a long list of radio stations, while the musicians and will be in our chat to discuss their music. Many thanks to the radio stations that have joined us to make this event possible.

  1. Alicorn Radio
  2. Brony Radio
  3. Celestia Radio
  4. Everypony Radio
  5. Fillydelphia Radio
  6. Fractured Frequencies
  7. Luna Radio ...

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GalaCon Charity Cooperation: Orphanage Funded


GalaCon 2012 already went a long way in funding the Safe Project orphanage. Since then, they have further supported us with our Kallisti fundraiser cooperations, and now GalaCon 2013 has put the capstone on the orphanage: The project “Safe Project: Necessary Augmentations” is fully funded, thanks to the convention!

On top of that, another €5741 went to the closely related guest house project that will bolster the long-term financial security of the orphanage.

The cooperation was bipartite: GalaCon provided us—or me, representing Bronies for Good and Your Siblings—with a table at a central spot in the venue (and also one that was less hot), where we could receive donations from attendees and give out gifts as tokens of our appreciation; moreover, GalaCon also dedicated to our causes the full returns from their charity auction, a several-hours-long event right before the closing ceremonies.

The on-table donations amounted to €2,694.03, and the proceeds from the charity auction to an official total of €11,632. GalaCon then donated 102% of them, €11,860, to Your Siblings.

Before I gradually ran out of supplies, my charity booth was stocked with various Bronies for Good buttons, Ultra Pro playmats, Equestrian bits ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3: A Veritable Palette of Convention Charity Programming

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

In case you’ve found yourself lost in some delicious yet confusing muffin paradox, Seeds of Kindness 3, the third incarnation of our Seeds of Kindness project series, is on the verge of launching. As part of this final buildup, we’ve teamed up with our crabtastic friends at BronyCon and our pretzel filled comrades at GalaCon to cater you a delicious palette of charitable programming in both Europe and America! So grab your altruistic hats and call it double, folks, because we’ve got a bakers dozen worth of charitable efforts running for you to check out. Let’s dig in!

BronyCon and GalaCon

Album Preorder for Seeds of Kindness 3: A Beautiful Heart

Attendees at BronyCon and GalaCon will get the exclusive chance to donate to Seeds of Kindness 3 and leave their altruistic mark in the world, when we lift the cloth on our new fundraiser page at the conventions. This is strictly an early sneak peek, but the donations can, if desired, already be counted toward the top donor totals, and every donor qualifies for an album preorder!

As announced earlier, Seeds of Kindness 3 supports three projects for orphans ...

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BfG: Seeds of Kindness 3 Charity Lineup

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

This year’s BronyCon and GalaCon are only weeks away, and so is this year’s Seeds of Kindness fundraiser and the release of the associated charity album! Today we are announcing the final charity lineup for the launch of Seeds of Kindness 3.

The Three Humanitarian Projects

Your SiblingsOver the past five months, Your Siblings has collaborated with the local organizations Another Hope and Green Life in Uganda and Burundi, respectively, to finalize precisely what needs to be bought and built to expand their individual projects. Both of these organizations have been founded to look after children who have lost home and family to war, poverty, or disease. The goal of our fundraiser is to allow them to accept more children into their care, provide them with a greater gamut of educational activities to endow them with a self-determined future, and further secure the viability of the projects in the long term.

The first of these projects will cover the costs for a number of outstanding items, such as fixtures and a solar installation, that will allow Another Hope to complete their own orphanage building and save the rent for their current house. The ...

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Water, Electricity, and Agriculture in the Green Village

Today, we are launching our second project for Green Life, the Burundian nonprofit, founded in 1997, that we have been cooperating with since 2010. In the course of our first project with them, Green Life has built a little village in Gitega to look after street children in the region, supply them with food, clothes, medical care, a place to sleep, and very practical education.

The new project will pick up where the previous one left off. First, the agricultural programs that have already been started will be extended. Green Life will buy a new plot of land and build a stable, so that they can provide the children with vegetables, eggs, and dairy products. Surpluses will always be sold to cover medicals bills, school fees, and other running expenses for the children.

Then, the agriculture also requires much water, so they will build a rainwater tank to reduce the costs. While this water is not clean enough for human consumption, it will ensure that they vegetable plants can thrive even when the weather is unfavorable.

Finally, Green Life wants to harness solar energy. The agriculture program will benefit from electricity, their schooling will be less dependent on natural lighting ...

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BfG: 24-Hour Charity Livestream Kallisti III

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

Dear offseasoners,

You are the ones who are dedicated enough to stick around even when the next season is still months off. That is why we trust that during the 24 hours of the Kallisti III charity livestream, you will have the dedication and also creativity to make your mark with fresh, interesting questions and art requests for our interview guests and artists, respectively.

The 24-hour Kallisti III charity livestream will launch
June 22 at noon EDT on events.yoursiblings.org!

Bronies for Good and GalaCon have collaborated with BronyState, Ponyville Live, and Celestia Radio to bring you some of the crème de la crème of pony, who will take your questions from the chat.

  • Amy Keating Rogers (Saturday between noon and 1:30 p.m. EDT), the writer of such episodes as The Best Night Ever or A Friend in Deed
  • Andrea Libman (to be announced), the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy
  • Anneli Heed (probably Saturday, around 6 p.m. EDT), the Swedish Spitfire, Photo Finish, Spike, Cheerilee, and more
  • Dave Polsky (when we hit a big milestone), the writer of Too Many Pinkie Pies, Keep Calm and Flutter On ...

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BfG: 24-Hour-Long Golden Apples of Discord: Kallisti III

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good.

Dear offseasoners,

By reading these words you prove your allegiance with the rare breed of the offseasoner, a particularly committed species of pony fan that sticks around even when there is no new episode to sweeten the wait for the weekend.

Your diligence does not go unrequited, because it allows you to learn about such grand events as the third iteration of the 24-hour Kallisti livestream brought to you by Bronies for Good, GalaCon, BronyState, Ponyville Live, and Celestia Radio.

During Kallisti, great fandom artists will draw your requests live on air, while our prominent show guests answer your questions from the chat. Be charitable in style and bookmark the following viewer page now.

Join us June 22 at noon EDT on events.yoursiblings.org!

With privilege, however, comes obligation, so it is now upon you to get these tidings of joy out to those friends of yours who might otherwise miss them and of course to save up some donation money.

We are in the middle of the organization and invitation phase, so the following list of guests is still incomplete and a little tentative, but it should be a viable forecast of ...

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