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A Clinic in Uganda

Katerera, Rubirizi District, Uganda, Africa
€22096 of €22096 funded
Request for Reallocation of Donations to Child Need Africa

At this point, the problems that Green Life faces seem rather minor to us. Since November of last year, seven former members of the Burundian organization have voiced their complaints over a form of nontransparency that they saw in the decision-making of their own organization. A preliminary legal hearing found...

Child Need Africa Out of the Red

We have great news from our clinic project in Uganda. The financial difficulties that we reported on in February are past and they are now operating fully sustainably. Now the clinic needs to build upon this foundation to expand its operations. You can skip the background section if you have...

BfG: Charity Chitchat with Natasha Levinger and Amy Keating Rogers

Whatcha doin’? Maybe rewatching “Pinkie Apple Pie” or “Pinkie Pride”? Good choice! If you have any questions for the authors of these episodes—Natasha Levinger and Amy Keating Rogers—then tune in February 22 at 4 p.m. EST (9 p.m. UTC) on events.yoursiblings.org! Charity Chitchat is an interview livestream that we’ve put...

A Support Project for the Clinic

The Clinic When Your Siblings was founded on September 26, 2010, our founder, Lisa Wiese, had already established our cooperation with the Ugandan nonprofit organization Child Need Africa. We would raise the money for a medical facility right where it was needed most, at the center of a greatly disadvantaged...

News from Clinic, Orphanage, and Green Village

This has been another successful year, especially for the projects. Another Hope has moved into their new orphanage building, Child Need Africa’s clinic is running and they are treating patients, and Green Life has been able to accepted more children into their care while reuniting others with their families! The...

BfG: Seeds of Kindness Reports From Africa

Post syndicated from Bronies for Good. Are you a musician? Then we have one important appeal to make before we jump into the reports: We are already collaborating with a number of the greats of the fandom, but we know that there are more of you out there. If it...

State of Current and Future Projects

In late 2012, the second Seeds of Kindness fundraiser finished what the first had begun: The last of our projects, four at the time, was fully financed. All the while we had been transferring the donations batch by batch to the projects, so that they could already start the construction...

Bronies for Good: Kallisti II – Art and Charity Livestream


Clinic in Uganda Funded

After more than one and a half years, the clinic in Uganda is now fully funded.

Seeds of Kindness Fundraiser Launched

Donate to the Seeds of Kindness fundraiser to get an exclusive album and great prizes!

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Report: Africa 2012

Lisa’s 2012 report from Africa

Newsletter #29

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Report: A Clinic in Uganda, January 2012

The building is done; now help us get the clinic rolling!

Christmas Campaign 2011

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Fast Progress with Clinic in Uganda

More pictures documenting the fast progress of our clinic in Uganda

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